Our #DebtFreeFuture Campaign

Huge cuts in state funding for public colleges are making it impossible for students and families to afford college....

The state has cut funding by hundreds of millions of dollars since 2001, while the number of students has grown substantially, amounting to an over 33% per student cut.

Now, Massachusetts has the 10th highest student debt burden in the country and the 6th lowest public college budget.

Student debt growth in Massachusetts was the second-fastest in the whole country over the past 15 years. Average debt only went up faster in Delaware, putting us ahead of 48 other states. It's not a top-two list we want to be on.

Our overall ask is simple: We want a #DebtFreeFuture for current and future public college students, alumni and their families. 

Nathalie Amazan demands a #DebtFreeFuture at Public Higher Ed Advocacy Day 2018. (Jen Ford/PHENOM)

Nathalie Amazan demands a #DebtFreeFuture at Public Higher Ed Advocacy Day 2018. (Jen Ford/PHENOM)


To move closer this year, we are demanding:

(1) A #DebtFreeFuture for Current and Future Students

  • Policy: Pass the Finish Line Grant this year
  • Policy: $500 Million in New Annual Funds from progressive revenue

(2) A #DebtFreeFuture for Past Students and Alumni

  • Policy: Pass the Student Loan Borrower’s Bill of Rights this year
  • Policy: Support Student Debt Forgiveness through the Fair Share Amendment

(3) Funding for Public Colleges and Support for Workers

  • Policy: Meet the full budget requests our campuses made for this year’s state budget
  • Policy: Fix Adjunct Faculty Health Insurance this year

The #DebtFreeFuture Campaign is a student-led, youth-driven movement coordinated by PHENOM, the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts. Learn more at phenomonline.org/debtfreefuture.

Please join us in continuing to fight for public education, through our Debt Free Future campaign to end student debt, the Fund Our Schools campaign for equitable school funding, or the Save Our Public Schools campaign to stop privatization.