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MEJA is one of the few statewide public education justice coalitions in the country,  yet the struggles we take on are incredibly common. Our bottom-up, grassroots organizing focuses on building strong community coalitions of parents, teachers, students, and community members to tackle the issues their public schools and colleges face.

We bring together our local coalition members from across the state to see the commonality between the crises we all face, share their struggles and successes, and build statewide campaigns based on issues that have impact on districts across the state.

Last year, MEJA led the Fund Our Schools campaign calling on the legislature to fully and equitably fund our public schools in a way that centers racial and economic justice. This year the campaign became the Fund Our Future campaign to fund public schools and colleges. You can find out more about our campaign at

MEJA has centered communities most impacted by the education system's structural inequalities, taken on corporate targets who look to privatize and profit from our kids' education, and pushed to transform our local and statewide education landscape by targeting any powerbroker who to fail to center the needs of students, the hopes of communities, and the value of education justice.

While our opponents often have money, we have people power. But people power still needs to be support, cultivated, and grown. That's why we are asking you to help us sustain MEJA. To become the powerhouse that we know MEJA can be, we need your help.  

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In Solidarity,
Charlotte Kelly
Executive Director