The Fund Our Future Campaign

No on 2 organizers with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Attorney General Maura Healey in 2016.

Students, parents, educators, and community leaders know there’s an urgent PUBLIC education funding crisis facing Massachusetts.

That’s why we’ve proposed a bill to Fund Our Future and increase funding for K-12 public schools by $1 billion per year and public colleges and universities by $500 million a year. 

We demand action from our lawmakers for fair and equitable public education for every student in the Commonwealth from Pre-K through College.

Students, parents, educators & activists at the State House in July!

A Great Public Education Must Be a Right for Every Student

Public education is why Massachusetts is a great place to live and work. But our future is put at risk when some communities and students have access to a great public education, while other communities and students don’t.

This fundamental lack of fairness, and the risk it presents to our Commonwealth’s future, has happened because the state has not lived up to its promise to fund our public schools and colleges, as the state’s 2014 Higher Education Finance Commission and 2015 Foundation Budget Review Commission reports show.

We know what to do—fund our public schools and colleges and pass the bill by May 2019.

Students can’t afford to wait.

Our Vision for Public Education

Great public schools in every community. Small class sizes, full art and music programs, access to after-school activities, fully-staffed classrooms, school librarians, and nurses.

Public higher education must be debt-free. We must stop forcing students and families into massive debt and ensure that every faculty and staff member is respected and paid well.

Equity and Fairness for Every Student

We must end systemic underfunding in gateway cities, urban districts, and communities of color. All students deserve a great public education from Pre-K through college.

It is outrageous that some students don’t even have the essentials, while others do. We must end the underfunding of public schools and colleges in communities of color.

More high-stakes testing over past 25 years has not achieved equity for Black and Latino students. In fact, testing has hurt equity and damaged our classrooms and student learning.

An Urgent Crisis

We are in an education funding crisis across the board. Our public schools and colleges are falling apart and lacking essential programs.

Some public schools have no school nurse, no librarian, no art and music programs, and crumbling classrooms and buildings.

Massachusetts has the fastest-growing public college costs and second-fastest growing student debt burden in the nation. Buildings on campuses across the state are crumbling. Many adjunct faculty and college staff make poverty wages.

Students can’t wait any longer for lawmakers to address this crisis.