Donate to Support Expanding MEJA Tables Across the State

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MEJA is expanding across the state! Our coalition partners have been supporting struggles everywhere -- from defending Ethnic Studies programs in the Holyoke Public Schools, to fighting abusive administration in the Everett Public Schools, and defeating charter school expansion across the Merrimack Valley. 

This past year alone, we have been able to expand our local MEJA coalitions, train more parents and community organizers, and pull off some of the biggest actions in Massachusetts public education history! We won those critical victories together and grew our collective political power on a shoestring budget, with one full-time staff member and a whole lot of love for our collective liberation.

But we need your help in supporting the rapidly growing MEJA network! We know we need to keep growing until we engage every public education stakeholder in Massachusetts, but we can't do that without more staff to support MEJA throughout the state. We need a field organizer who can make sure we're all moving forward together toward our goal of a more equitable public education system. That's why we're asking you to make a contribution today!

Our movement for education justice is up against some of the worst and wealthiest forces in our political system. Our opponents are bankrolled by organizations like the Walmart-owning Walton Family to Betsy DeVos and Charlie Baker’s Pioneer Institute. Organized people need organized money in order to expand our work, take on these corrosive systems, and win real structural changes in people’s lives. 

Will you help us to increase our staff so we can increase our impact in Massachusetts? Will you become a public education donor? 

MEJACharlotte Kelly