Baker Pro-Charter Allies Fined Again for Illegal Campaign Donations

Baker & Co. affiliate with out-of-state billionaires working to buy our schools.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (Flickr)

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (Flickr)

The Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance (MEJA) is speaking out after the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) once again fined a nonprofit with close ties to Governor Baker for “an intent to influence the election” and for failing to disclose its donors.

“The results from the Question 2 ballot initiative demonstrate that public opposes Governor Baker’s vision of public education and his support for the expansion of charter schools. Now two OCFP fines for violating campaign finance rules reveal Baker ties to groups trying to influence the outcome of the charter ballot question. Our schools are not for sale to the highest bidder,” said Charlotte Kelly, MEJA executive director.

“We once again call for the immediate dismissal of Paul Sagan from his role as chair of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education as well as any members of his administration who hid their contributions from the public while trying to influence public opinion or while making decisions about education in an official capacity,” added MEJA president Lisa Guisbond.

“These millionaires and billionaires have never set foot in our schools. Voters clearly rejected  charter expansion in Boston and across all of Massachusetts, yet this extensive illegal activity demonstrates that Baker and his allies’ active work to undermine our public education,” said Elica Hector-Varrs, a Boston Public Schools parent.

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