Charlotte Kelly, MEJA’s New Executive Director


Fresh off of a huge victory in stopping the Question 2 charter expansion and school privatization campaign, the Massachusetts education justice movement is building new ways to stand up to the Trump administration and the ‘false choice’ school privatizers in our state. Now, we’ve found someone to grow our movement in 2018 and beyond by advancing a bold agenda for good public schools and strong communities supported by students, parents, educators and community members—Charlotte Kelly.

Charlotte started as executive director of the Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance on January 3rd. She has hit the ground running to organize our Fund Our Schools campaign as well as our work to Save Lynn Public Schools, educate the public through screenings of “Backpack Full of Cash,” and build local education justice tables in cities and towns across the Commonwealth.

"My time in public education, whether in middle school or college, has shown me that learning must be a radical commitment and willingness to change," said Kelly. "A new world can only be built if we, collectively, are willing to make great change."

Graduating from UMass Amherst in 2016, Charlotte has spent the past six years organizing, advocating, and agitating for various social justice issues, from decreasing public college and university fees to fossil fuel divestment. Her first organizing role was with the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) supporting the fight for fair contracts for Dining Hall workers at UMass.

Charlotte served as field director for State Senator Pat Jehlen’s 2016 re-election campaign, leading Senator Jehlen to an 80-20 blowout victory over her corporate education reformer-backed opponent.

Having made the fight for education justice her life’s work and coming from a student perspective, Charlotte is the ideal choice to build student, parent and educator leadership across the state and energize our communities to fight for the public schools and colleges we all deserve.

Reach out to Charlotte at and join us at our “We Love Our Schools” events held across Massachusetts starting on the one-year anniversary of Betsy DeVos’s appointment on February 7th through Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

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