The Facts on Opting Out of MCAS or PARCC via CPS


Education-not-testing-chicago-protestCitizens For Public Schools has great article about opting out of PARCC The Facts About Opting Out of MCAS or PARCC

Why would parents want to opt their children out of state tests? “Opting out” of testing is a powerful way to resist high-stakes testing, which overwhelms, distorts and corrupts K-12 classrooms. It also causes emotional distress and strong anxiety for many children. Growing numbers of parents, teachers and students are questioning the value of federal, state and district testing, saying they want to exercise the right to opt out, boycott or refuse. Opting out has also become an effective way to build the movement against high-stakes testing – especially when groups of parents do it together and publicize their action.

Are all children required to take state tests, whether MCAS or PARCC? The law does not require each student to take either test, although the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) says it does. DESE cites Massachusetts’ Chapter 69 statute, which requires the state to assess student learning. While some states have specific provisions in their statutes for opting out, Massachusetts does not. DESE argues that this means students and parents may not opt out. But the law does not say each and every living, breathing child must take the tests. Nor does it say parents can’t refuse testing for their child.