The Problems with the Charter School Message


Great Schools Massachusetts, a pro-charter school coalition, held a rally last November that they turned into an “inspirational” video. The problem is, they don’t give a single reason why lifting the cap on charters would be better than feeding more money into public schools. In fact, they don’t give a single reason why charter schools are better. Throughout the video, people call for “great education” and say that they are “fighting for our children.” Who doesn’t want great education? Is anyone not fighting for our children? The messages are so vague that they could be applied to various arguments surrounding education.

The problem with the video is that no one is talking about why introducing more charter schools into a system would be better than simply using that money to make public schools better. Charter schools are avoiding discussing the underlying issue that is public school funding. If public schools were properly funded, there would be no need for a second school system.

Image: dcJohn, Final Exam (flickr/cc)